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Photo CollageThe Hudson Valley has so many resources and lots of online listings for things to do and ongoing events. So instead of trying to list all of them (which would go to dozens of pages per month), we are offering a wealth of links so its easy to find something to do immediately, without having to search Google and weed through hundreds of websites. We have compiled the best of list for your convenience.

Check out some of these great resources:
Hudson Valley Events and Activities

The Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley in pictures

The Awesome Hudson Valley in Pictures

Hudson Valley Magazine Calendar

Hudson Valley One Calendar

Here’s What to Do in the Hudson Valley This Week

Mid Hudson Valley Events Calendar – Patch

Events and Things to Do in the Hudson Valley

HVNY Calendar

Hudson Valley Happenings

Dutchess County Event Calendar

Orange County Event Calendar

Hudson Valley, NY Calendar of Music Events

For the Arts
Hudson Valley Art Scene

Art Exhibits – Upcoming Events – Hudson Valley One Calendar

Hudson Valley museums, theaters & art centers

For Music Lovers
Hudson Valley, NY Calendar of Music Events

This Is Where to See Live Music in the Hudson Valley

Music – Upcoming Events – Hudson Valley One Calendar

And don’t forget to check out Eventbrite listings which pull information from all over the valley!

And we have written about many of the seasonal and year around things to do in the Valley, if you have not yet checked them out, please do!

Hiking the Valley, the Perfect Fresh Air Activity!
The Hudson Valley has hundreds of well-maintained hiking trails throughout the region and hundreds more that are lesser traveled but just as interesting and even more scenic. While this year has certainly been an interesting one, one of the more positive sides is that more and more people are getting outside and experiencing the great outdoors.

Spring Has Sprung! Time to Get Out, Eat, Drink and Enjoy the Fresh Air!
With the onset of beautiful spring weather, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the outdoors for lunch and for dinner (with the sun setting later in the day). It is now the ideal time to pack a picnic, enjoy some views of the Hudson River or some secluded spots in the State Park Reserves or cozy nocks in Historic Venues and relax and get refreshed.

Paddle and Explore the Hudson River
The Hudson Valley offers a wealth of places to go for paddlers looking to explore the area and get their feet wet getting to know all the inland waterways that crisscross the valley. The Hudson River itself is a wonderful place to paddle, allowing paddlers the chance to view such notable places from the river as the Culinary Institute of America , Bannerman Island, The U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Constitution Island, across from West Point, among many others directly from the water.

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