Lions, Tigers and Glass, oh my!

Glass BlowingThe Hudson valley is a Mecca of creative folk and artists exploring all kinds of different mediums. Glass blowing is a historic art form that has been around for centuries, yet glass artists continue to create new glass forms combined with new colors and color combinations. Art glass makes a wonderful gift for all occasions, whether you are getting ahead on your Christmas shopping, looking for that one of kind unique present for someone special, or you just simply want to enjoy poking around in a local studio enjoying the beauty and creativity that glass has to offer. Some studios also offer classes for those who would like to get their feet wet and try something new. And what better gift for someone special is a unique piece created by you and your family. While you are staying at one of our member inns, check out some of the local studios and let your imagination soar.

Donald Moore Stained Glass
107 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY
(845) 679-8100
The main focus of Donald Moore’s work is stained glass windows using the highest quality materials available. He designs stained or leaded glass for outdoor sculptures and interior works such as doors, cabinet inlays, hanging panels, signs for business and additional works. He has a limited selection of stained glass available at his shop, he also has a collection of personal projects offered for sale and you can see his attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in all of his work.

Gillinder Glass Store
39 Erie St., Port Jervis, NY
(845) 856-5375
Gillinder Glass is a working glass factory open to the public for tours which include watching glassblowers gathering, pouring and pressing glass into molds. The glassworks was found over 150 years ago by William Gillinder. Gillender migrated to the colonies and opened his first glass factory in Philadelphia in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s, the three grandsons of William took possession of the Orange County Flint Glass Works and reopened it as Gillinder Brothers in 1913.

Gillinder Glass is currently owned and operated by sixth generation Charlie Gillinder. Using the knowledge and “secrets” passed down throughout the generations, with the addition of state of the art equipment, the company specializes in products produced to technically enhance illumination and color including airport runway lights and and industrial lighting fixtures. The retail store offers products from glass jewelry to art to functional serving pieces and fine gifts.

Glass BlowingGilmor Glass Works
2 Main St, Millerton, NY
(518) 789-6700
Gilmor Glass is a studio dedicated to the creation of sculptural, one of a kind pieces of art using mouth-blown and pressed-glass techniques, as well as unique formulations that incorporate sand, soda ash, borax and lime. Each glass item is unique with it’s own distinct differences in form and appearance.

Husband and wife team, John & Jan Gilmor create a variety of glass items, from custom vases to unique creations with two and three tone colored glass. Their custom made Christmas decorations are completely unique and find their way to year around sun filled spaces where the sun’s rays can shine through the opalescent colors.

Hoogs and Crawford Glass
2439 NY-295, Canaan, NY
(413) 212-9404
Check out a video of their work at
Nathan Hoogs and Elizabeth Crawford are a married team of glassblowers who have been glass lovers since they were young. Their store and gallery offers paperweights to hanging lights, vases, bowls, dishes and a popular selection of glass pumpkins. They are also working on custom sculptures and other unique glass projects. The studio offers classes where attendees can make their own glass paperweights or get an indepth look at the art of glassblowing. Classes are small, limited to one or two people per session.

Hot Stuff Blown Glass Studio
509 NY-214, Phoenicia, NY
(845) 688-7720
The Glass Workshop and Gallery is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Originally established in 1989, Alan Barbier and Mary Certoma melted and blew glass weekly designing pieces that were one of a kind and signed and dated by the artists. While their last day of blowing glass was in 2005, they still offer selected pieces for sale.

Nunwell Glass
24 Furnace Rd, Lakeville, CT
(860) 435-9818
The glassworks offers classes from one to four hours long, starting with a safety talk and demonstration. The glassblowers will then guide you on the use of glass pincers and the manipulation of hot glass. You will move on to blowing and creating a creating a custom glass piece with your choice of colors. They will walk you through every step of the way to really experience the art of glassblowing. This is a great experience for those creatively inclined that want to try something new.

Pablo Glass
10 Streamside Terrace, Woodstock, NY
(646) 256-9688
Pablo Glass makes one-of-a-kind handblown glass items for homes and eating establishments. Dinner ware, glasses and decorative pieces are sold in the Byrdcliffe Shop in Woodstock, New York, as well as in the retail section of their Kingston studio. They work in both traditional and free-form styles. Each piece is individually crafted in colors and shapes and unique in it’s own right. Visits by appointment only.

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