Focus on Rhinebeck

With over 20 restaurants in Rhinebeck, and dozens more in neighboring towns, Rhinebeck is one of the culinary hubs of the Hudson Valley. The world famous Culinary Institute of America (only about 20 minutes due South of town in Hyde … Continue reading

Hudson Valley’s Indoor Farmer’s Markets, A Perfect Place to Shop for the Perfect Christmas Gift!

With the growth of the Farm to Table movement and an increasing focus on artisanal and craft foods, farmer’s markets have grown beyond the traditional spring, summer and fall season offerings to offer year around edibles, and other offerings for … Continue reading

Summer is here and it’s time to take the heat off!

The Hudson Valley abounds both with wineries and craft breweries, showcasing the innovation of the local communities, the farm to table back to your roots concept, and the best examples of microbrews second to none on the East Coast. Many … Continue reading

The Hudson Valley and a Rich History of Maritime and Transportation

This summer as you stay as a guest at one of our member inns, check out the Hudson River Maritime Museum, and if you are visiting near the end of June make a point of checking out Hudson River Day … Continue reading

This Winter Get Out and Get Festive!

The winter doldrums can get you down, but some of the fun events in the Hudson Valley can get your spirits lifted! From exploring new skills like Winter Ice Climbing or trying out Olympic Luging, or warming your spirit with … Continue reading